E-MAIL Splitvision Design AB Hudiksvallsgatan 8 SE- 113 30 Stockholm SWEDEN Tel. +46 8 59739770

Delivering internationally respected design since 1989, our experience spans the total product spectrum from custom-made packaging and accessories, to complete vehicle solutions. See our unique process : here


We are proud to be the long-standing industrial design partner of several leading brands. From heavy industrial equipment to light consumer articles, our goal is to gain the competitive edge through enhanced product design.

In close collaboration with our clients, we approach the design process in a strategic & conscious manner in order to fully leverage the product investment in the market.

Find out more about our reference projects: here


Splitvision offers production services within a wide range of techniques and materials through a trusted partner network. Our customers range from start-up-brands outsourcing the production of their core product to large corporations out-sourcing the design and production of their accessories.

Our specialty areas are:
  • Prototyping
  • Injection molding with post processing (painting and assembly)
  • Machining (i.e. milling plastics or metals)
  • Hand craft with combination of materials
  • Luxury Packaging
Find out more about our productions: here
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